I miss school.

I realized that when I had a talk about advertising and PR in social media at a university in Lucena earlier this month.

You see, I only made it to my second year in college (long story). You can say, "Hey it's ok. Look where you are right now?" But here's a thought: What if I actually finished school? The possibility of establishing myself and my business could've been sooner. And there's something about having a college diploma. Parents go crazy for that.

I'm gonna secure one for my mom soon. How? Well, I've considered flying with the big blue eagle, but the vastness of the university and the "involvement" of its students made me think otherwise. I can't commit to something as big as this with the business on full throttle. I can't even try for fear of either aspects suffering from the time I'll be devoting to either one.
Hey, blue chairs!
I'm also considering the applying process. I'm not a fan of that. I don't like the feeling of anticipation if you're gonna get in or not. It's nerve-racking! And also, another thing which I'm also not a fan of is the transferring. I've done it several times! Though it opened to opportunities of meeting new friends, I didn't enjoy the actual and technical process of transferring. Good thing I was not the one who took the burden of fixing the papers and the like.

Well, I'm happy to announce that the "issue" concerning school transfers has been addressed by one school!

This hall reminds me of a conservative version of the Hogwarts Great Hall. Harry Potter fans, there you go.
"There used to be a big stigma attached to transferees, which is usually based on the speculations people had about why they moved schools. Realistically though, these students go through the same stringent process of application and usually do so because that finally found a school that caters to both their interest and the potential to build a future career," explains Mr. Mitch Andaya, Vice President for Academics, iACADEMY.
iMacs!!! I love this school already.
iACADEMY is a tertiary school that is known for their niche courses in the field of Computing, Business, and Design.
This is heaven for aspiring fashion designers.
What makes iACADEMY different from other colleges is the real world experience it provides its students. Beginning with its location, iACADEMY is located at the heart of the country's business hubs, giving students a glimpse into what awaits them after graduation.

Interested applicants can start by following this simple 3-step process —
1. Get a copy of your current college transcript and download the iACADEMY transferee application form from the website.

2. Fill out the form and bring it when you visit the campus.

3. Upon submission of the application form, iACADEMY's admissions counselors will provide you with the following information:

  • Which of your current subjects and units will be credited to iACADEMY after transfer.
  • Schedule for guidance counseling regarding your academic future with our team.
  • Detailed next steps on what you can do to move forward with the process of transferring.

Hey, Mickey!
Andaya adds, "we have managed to simplify this process by putting prospective students or transferees as the priority. Interested applicants may send in their application forms with their transcript and we can get back to the within 24 hours with an assessment. We also have a team of trained counselors who can guide them through the process of identifying their major as well as academic consultants who can discuss their next steps in retail."

iACADEMY might just be the perfect school for you! In summary...

  1. iACADEMY always prioritizes student needs—
    1. Easier transition logistics for transferals
    2. Campus designed to give students real world industry experience
    3. Education technique caters to what students need
  2. Lucrative and highly relevant course offerings aligned with modern student interests.
  3. School prestige and credibility (100% employment rate so far)

For more information, visit http://www.iacademy.edu.ph/. You can also call (02) 899-7777 or email inquiry@iacademy.edu.ph.


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