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Philippine Fashion Week went by so fast. So fast, that I missed all the shows! I was in Naga for a hosting gig on the first day of PhFW and got sick (for reasons I don't know) when I got back, making me miss all three days. Forever 21 opened the first day and since I like the brand, I made a little fashion week of my own here on the blog. Well, it's always fashion week on a fashion blogger's blog (Wait, did I just admit I'm a fashion blogger?).

Anyway, here's a couple of my latest looks wearing Forever 21.
If you're following me on Instagram, I'm sure you're aware of this little recently concluded contest I had for Forever 21. Heck, I even used these looks to promote my #Forever21xPaulThePRGuy #IAmForever21PH contest. Are you the winner of the Php3,000 worth of gift certificates from Forever 21?


It's officially the start of the month-long celebration of booze! Where will I see you spending the weekends of October? Drinking beer wherever you are, I presume?
If you, like me, prefer to drink your beer in peace, I have just the perfect place in mind. And with the perfect food pairings (Burgers and Sausages!), Wham! hits the spot.
On its 11th year, Wham! is introducing its exciting look matched with a menu to satisfy burger over appetite for huge, more flavorful and ever-loving appetite for something deliciously new. Get to know Wham! Burgers and Sausages, a celebration of patty perfection along with other equally satisfying sausages bound to hit the spot on so many levels.