It's officially the start of the month-long celebration of booze! Where will I see you spending the weekends of October? Drinking beer wherever you are, I presume?

If you, like me, prefer to drink your beer in peace, I have just the perfect place in mind. And with the perfect food pairings (Burgers and Sausages!), Wham! hits the spot.

On its 11th year, Wham! is introducing its exciting look matched with a menu to satisfy burger over appetite for huge, more flavorful and ever-loving appetite for something deliciously new. Get to know Wham! Burgers and Sausages, a celebration of patty perfection along with other equally satisfying sausages bound to hit the spot on so many levels.

"Wham Burger with Cheese"
While its burgers with endearingly huge patty and signature smoky flavor remains the star in every creation, the new Wham! Burgers and Sausages outlet is classy and classic combined, where all burger creations are delicately served on chopping boards. The buns get an upgrade too, as it's now using an artisan brioche bun with 30% butter which kicks up its almost cake like taste. Certified premium and freshly baked, the texture i tight and heavy on soft crumbs which makes each bite consistently pleasurable.
"Schublig with Cheese"
Perfecting the one-third pound pure beef patties at 80% leans and 20% fat, Wham's burger patties are gently seasoned only with natural flavor enhancers such as salt and black pepper. The time-tested Wham Burger with Cheese (Php129), Double Whammy with Cheese (Php199), Kapow (Php199), Bronco Burger (Php199), and Whammer (Php259) still remains the ultimate standard for the best gourmet burgers but the new Sausage Sandwich items will surely make all hearts skip a beat, especially for gastronomes on the look out for flavorful and succulent sausage varieties.
At a very friendly price of Php135, the Wiener is a savory artisan recipe sausage made with original house blend ingredients. Not to be outdone is Schublig with Cheese (Php149), an encounter with certified Swiss sausage made with beef and pork, spiced up with non-fat milk, finely ground onion and creamy cheese center. Beer and sausage proved to be a stellar combo; but the slow-grilled Beer Sausage (Php149) simmered in beer and onion makes the perfect hot and juicy full meal with slightly salty umami taste. Upgrade to a combo and complement the burger or sandwich with crispy, golden fries for a minimum extra charge and seize with excitement other side dishes such as Cross Traxx, Onion Rings, Onion Strings, Potato Wedges or Pepper Popper. Kids hankering for a bright red and festive Filipino-style Spaghetti with generous cheese on top will also find the Spaghetti very satisfying for an extra charge of only Pho20. True to its crunchy, huge and with a ratio of 95 percent chicken versus the breading, the Premium Chicken Sandwich with Cheese (Php165) are for those who can't get enough of the meaty chicken, crisp lettuce and sharp-flvored mayonnaise beautifully layered in a soft kaiser bun.
Taking the menu on a higher level are Wham's top quality selections of both local and imported brands of beer which will make a good burger nothing like a typical stuff. From San Mig Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light or Super Dry, its smooth and rich flavor signifies a mix of comfort and relaxation. While for more sophisticated palates, Holland brand Bavaria has a provocative light bitterness made from pure barley malt and wheat. Bottomless soda is another insanely rewarding thirst-quencher and can truly make a difference to anyone's burger indulgence.

Wham! Burgers is located at three branches: Katipunan, SM North EDSA (The Block), and the Mall of Asia. For more information, visit www.whamburgers.com.

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