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The last movie I watched on the big screen was The Cobbler.
It was about a cobbler, yes, you guessed it right --haha, who get to magically live another person's life face by stepping in that person's shoes. The movie was okay, though, not life-changing. But it got me thinking, "What if The Cobbler was real? What if one day I meet a person with a similar face wearing my Chucks?" But then again, there's a reason why I collect shoes. So that I won't abuse a pair and resort to bringing it to a "magical" shoemaker for repair. Another good thing is, I'm a size 8. The cobbler was 10 1/2. Whew!
But why step in somebody else's shoes to understand and know that person's story when you can let your shoes just do the talking? Shoes that were made by you... "Made by you" is a global celebration highlighting Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the only sneaker defined by those who wear them. Converse has curated a collection of Chuck Taylor All…


It's that season once again when the ideal (and rightly so) colors of clothing to wear are of the lighter spectrum. Lighter colors reflect sunshine --resulting to lesser heat absorption. But ideally, "loose" should go hand-in-hand with light colors if you're the one to suggest. Tight-fitting clothing, regardless if it's light in color, restricts air to flow between you and your muscle t-shirt. My go-to loose and light clothing of choice for the season? The crisp white shirt.
I have around 10 in my collection. It is classic, clean (duh?), and easy to style. I usually pair it with jeans --a no-brainer.
White also projects freshness! Just spray on a light cologne for you to not just look, but smell, the part, too.
On a deeper level, white represents peace, purity, and new beginnings. A clean slate and fresh start. That's why World Vision partnered with Zonrox GentleClean for the White Event.


One of my plans this summer is to discover new places to eat at regardless if it's at an upscale restaurant or at an interesting hole in the wall. What if the charm of the latter can be found at the former's setup? Even better!
Now, who wants some tapenade?
I haven't actually visited Restaurant Tapenade but I'm planning to in the coming days or so and once I do, well, I'm gonna enjoy this feast in this succession...
First, a taste of tapenade over some Ciabatta,
then a slice of pizza,
some kebabs,


I've always wanted a portion in my house where I can just sit back, relax, and simply bask in the calmness surrounding me. With the exemption of the loo, okay?
Of course, everything has to be white. Mainly. Furniture, books, and gadgets which can double as weights/displays. Like this Braven 570. I think its clean and crisp sound, aside from it being white (other colors are available, too), is the perfect complement to the serenity I'm aiming for that soon-to-be-constructed room.
Unlike my other wireless speakers which are compact in size, I really don't have any issue with the sound it emits because it's bigger. Bigger gadgets has its advantages too, you know. Let's start with that.


I know there's a motorbike here somewhere.
And a leather jacket.

And some badass tattoo.

There you go.
Kidding about the last two items, obviously (though there's a tattoo... somehow), but the motorbike? There's actually one which you can win if you join iconic American denim brand Wrangler's digital competition True Wanderer.


I broke my Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star streak when I decided to go on a semi-ambitious project here on the blog where I copy provide options to featured clothes I see on GQ. The first one was Matt Damon's. This particular photo.
It has the Jack Purcell. So I went out bought myself one and fought the urge to scratch the itch. It's the only Jack Purcell in my big collection of Chuck Taylors and it's right there beside them with its big silly blue smile. I think that is one of the reasons why I didn't bother collecting it in the first place. The smile. It bothered me.


If Missoni has her zigzags,
Warhol, his Campbell soups,
Jeffrey Rogador has this.
Why is Jeffrey Rogador on the list?


Every first is going to be special.

I can't believe that I'm quoting this from this youth-oriented local TV show I'm watching right now. Time is 3:24pm. TV station: ABS-CBN. Day: Sunday. You do the math.
I actually swear by that saying when it comes to my collections, like my shoes. I make it a point that the first pair from a shoe brand that I will start building my collection from will have a story to tell. Like these TOMS shoes from the brand's 'Haiyan Initiative' collection.
I've long been eyeing on getting my first ever pair of TOMS shoes a couple of years back when the camouflage print was all the rage. But it wouldn't be my first camouflage print shoes if ever I did get it -making it not that special. Though the idea that for every pair we buy, TOMS will give another pair to a person needing it (through TOMS' One for One® movement), sounds like a very good story for my shoe to tell, I wasn't "ready" to own one yet.


So, Ellen Adarna is at it again. Yep, ladies and gentlemen. There's another video! But this time, we're not talking about just one.

Bagging another endorsement capitalizing on her being a fit and healthy inspiration to most women and online lurkers out there, I must say that Ellen Adarna is doing it rite. With NutriRite, that is.

Here's what she has to say about her new endorsement.


February 25th's EDSA Revolution anniversary has taught me two things. First is to never agree to a meeting in the Ortigas area. And second, if the meeting's too important to cancel, always wear socks with your loafers (shoes, in general).
I learned the latter the painful way no thanks to several blisters which I inflicted on my feet from a long-distance of walking.
My driver took the day off and I was left with no choice but to commute, which I don't mind. When the first taxi I hailed declined to take me to Ortigas, albeit politely, that's when I remembered from the news I watched the night before that a part of the EDSA area will be closed for traffic in commemoration of the EDSA Revolution. The cab driver suggested taking the train which, having no other choice, I did. My meeting was at The Podium. I walked from the Ortigas MRT station going there. I'm sure you already know the rest of the story.
If your day requires a lot of walking, then do yourself a favor by …


Spend it at SSI stores!
That's what I did when I got mine as one of the perks of being a Smart infinity subscriber.
As if having these privileges for its subscribers are not enough, Smart Infinity came up with this awesome partnership with Stores Specialists, Inc.'s Purple Card perfect for shopaholics! And that's on top of owning the latest iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus!


"You're still in your winter outfit?," comments a magazine person when she saw me at the Converse Spring 2015 Press Preview held at Whitespace last February 10. I was wearing this trench coat over a different outfit. My initial thought was, "Oh man, I need to have a snappy comeback!"

A couple of things went through my head. Actually, several. First was, "What? I'm not in New York?!" and the other one, "So, you moonlight as a weather forecaster now? But of course, being the gentleman that I am, I told her the truth. "I'm feeling under the weather." And it was chilly that night. I had the perfect excuse.

You know what else redeemed me in that situation? I was wearing my Jack Purcells. If I was wearing Uggs or worse, ski boots, then I could've given her the permission to shoot me right on the hed. But I wasn't. Converse has always been my go-to-brand of sneakers if I want to dress down an otherwise dressy outfit. Think a tu…


It's amazing how our priorities in life has changed in a span of less than a decade. Back when I was still studying, my top priorities were (1.) well-pressed clothes, (2.) passing the examinations, (3.) extra cash to watch movies every weekend. Today, It's still (1.) well-pressed clothes at the top of the list. That, and being able to connect online 24/7. With both concerns relying on power, it's a tie, actually. At this day and age where survival (think Yolanda/Haiyan) and some livelihood (Online sellers!!!) rely on being connected to the internet most (if not all) of the time, running out of power is a serious issue. But why so serious when you can have fun in choosing things that may help you fight your paranoia of not being able to tweet, Instagram, or share/comment about a trending story on Facebook real time? I'm talking about battery/energy packs! Specifically the Ye!! Energy Pack. The colors are fun (also available in Red, Green, Yellow, and Pink), it can charg…


I recently had my hair, cut and lightened (I go to Razor Sports!), and in order for me to somehow look convincing when I jokingly tell people that this is my natural hair color, I have to actually look the part. I can't and won't dye my eyebrows so that basically gives it away but I think I saw other people (and by other, I mean foreigners) sporting lighter hair and dark brows so I think I can pass that one up. One dead giveaway would be my facial hair. Mine grows rapidly and evenly which my brothers and cousins were envious of and it tends to make me look older which I don't mind because people treat you seriously if you actually look your age. But where's the fun in that? I prefer to look young while acting being a responsible and mature person, hence, the variation of my haircuts and color. Shaving contributes (big time!) to looking youthful but a close shave, now that's a different story.
I used to be a fan of disposable razors because it is convenient and affo…