I'm not a light packer. Even if it's just for a weekend beach trip, I make sure to bring ALL the essentials I can think of. 

But if out of nowhere, you jump in and command me to "Travel Now!" as if my life depended on it, these will be the top 7 things I'm gonna pack (with the exemption of smart phones because that's already a given) right away.

1. Comfortable (very) footwear.
Not only is this rubber pair from Birkenstock comfortable, it's also one of the cheapest from the brand.

2. Matte, plastic shades.
Metals and glossy eyewear tend to slip when sweat comes in between your skin and your eye protection. Bring a matte one. Correction: bring a stylish, matte shades like the one above from Police.

3. Inexpensive yet functional waterproof watch.
This Pulse watch from Veloci's latest collection is the perfect travel partner! It's waterproof, stylish, and most importantly, affordable.

4. A handy water container/filter.
There were several incidents where I had to cancel a trip due to an upset stomach. Usually, it's the result of stress coupled with something bad I ate/drank. Aside from relying on medicine, safe and clean water is the way to go that's why I make sure to bring my Bobble bottle every chance I get to travel.

5. The ever reliable power bank.
I have several power banks but this heavy duty one from MOMAX is by far, my best bet.

6. Cord organizer.
This rollable cord organizer from Filed is the online god's gift to OC people like me. It does a creative job in organizing your phone cords and earphones plus its leatherette exterior looks good as it feels. Also available in 7 other colors.

7. A good reading material.
I plan my future trips during a trip. You know, just to get the whole trip vibe going. I usually bring a magazine and/or a book but I do prefer the former for inspirations and for the varied thoughts. One of my favorite travel magazines to bring is Travel Now because (a) it's handy, (b) informative, (c) has very nice photos and articles), and (d) I have friends working there, there. Haha. But seriously, even without knowing anybody personally from the magazine, I'd still pick Travel Now anytime as my go-to reference for all things travel-related.

Exciting Sundays are ahead because Travel Now has gone beyond print with its expansion on TV with Travel Now TV!

There's only so much a heavily filtered photo of a vacation spot on Instagram can do to show the beauty of a place. It's during that moment when you get to personally experience the sand under your feet and taste the native delicacies that place offers until you can finally say "Ahh... this place is beautiful." Allow Travel Now TV to let you experience all those things in teasing portions.
The program chronicles the quirky exploits of two half-Pinoys--Harry Morris of the Philippine Volcanoes and host/DJ and MEG's first Ambassador Julz Savard--as they discover more about the country and about themselves.
For the first season, the dynamic duo takes significant tourist spots across the Philippines, exploring hidden gems, getting a taste of the culture, taking on extreme activities, or checking out the night life.
The 30-minute program also advocates a love for sports and healthy living as it focuses on the great outdoors.
Kicking off its first episode in enchanting Palawan, the show is set to appeal to passionate adventurers and vacation seekers alike, inviting them to travel now.

Here's Julz and Harry inviting you to watch Travel Now TV, now! 

Travel Now TV airs every Sunday at 10:00pm on GMA News TV Network, starting May 17, 2015.

About Travel Now (the magazine)
Travel Now is a lifestyle publication of One Mega Group, Inc. that caters to passionate travelers and would-be travelers looking for authentic experiences. It serves as a complete travel guide, featuring unique angles to both mainstream and bucket list destinations, including the why, when, how, how much, and what (to do), of each.

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