Drafting this post was quite a challenge because I really don't know how I can relate myself into this big picture which is Kathryn Bernardo. You see, we're not of the same age group, I'm not an artista, she's not a blogger, and the list goes on. That's why I opted to ask my good friend Google about her. (It is amazing how you can learn a lot from a person and how you connect on some levels with just a click of a button.)

I'm not saying that I have no slight inkling on who this girl is. She's ABS-CBN's Teen Queen, after all. But hey, now that I'm warming up, I think we connect on some levels! Her former stylist's a good friend of mine; She was born in Cabanatuan (I lived there for 6 years); and we both use OraCare (See my review of the brand from three years ago HERE)
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Kathryn credits her star still shining bright despite the tough competition with the good things she surround herself with. Here are some of those things:

I included mine as well. You see, Kathryn and I, connect.

Kathryn's Good Book: Books by Nicholas Sparks
The teen actress says that Sparks tops the list of her favorite authors because he is a very detailed narrator and a moving storyteller. She cites "The Last Song" as her favorite in Sparks's vast book collection because it didn't just focus on romance, but also on family relationships, specifically father-daughter love.

My Good Book - No particular author as long as it's a good Science Fiction or Fantasy book. It's my escape from this serious thing called life.

Kathryn's Good Food: Pizza and Chicken!
If there's anything she can eat all day, Kathryn would definitely choose pizza and chicken. "They're my favorites! They're like my comfort food!" says the teen actress.

My Good Food: Sinigang! All kinds of sinigang. It's the Pinoy in me.

Kathryn's Good Workout: Core Exercise
As one of the most sought-after teen stars today, Kathryn has to maintain her good physique and make sure that she keeps her health always at its best. She says that she enjoys core exercise because it improves her balance and stability and it's easy to set up anytime, anywhere.

My Good Workout: Is jogging a workout?
Neff frames
Forever 21 sweater
H&M joggers
New Balance sneakers
Kathryn's Good Animal: Dogs
After a taxing day, just seeing her dogs makes Kathryn forget about a long day's work. "Their presence lightens up everything!"

My Good Animal: Same! This is Ringo, my first dog. To date, I now have a total of eight dogs! (1 Japanese Spitz, 1 Siberian Husky, 1 Shih Tzu, 1 Chow Chow, 2 St. Bernards, and 2 Aspins) I also have six cats in which three are still kittens. But obviously, I favor dogs more.

Kathryn's Good Music: Jack Johnson's music
The Teen Queen says that Johnson's songs are light and easy, which makes her feel good every day, "His music speaks to me! His songs are light and easy and they always make me feel good everyday,' says the Teen Queen.

My Good Music: Almost all kinds! I'm kinda hooked on playing my records on my vinyl player lately.

Kathryn's Good Place: Los Angeles
The City of Angels is among the favorite places that Kathryn loves to go to because she finds it very chill and laid back, allowing her to reflect and relax.

My Good Place: Anywhere cold. I love to layer my clothes. It's also the perfect climate to eat sinigang, too!

Kathryn's Good Role Model: Her Mom
The "Pangako Sa'Yo" star owes her success to people around her especially her mom who is there through thick and thin. "She's my rock! My mom is a very strong woman and I idolize her for that."

My Good Role Model: My Mom, as well. She's not just my rock. She's also my wall which I cling to for obvious reasons.

Kathryn (and I's) Good Mouthwash: OraCare
What Kathryn loves about OraCare is that it doesn't have alcohol and the burning sensation and strong aftertaste - giving her a pleasurable gargling experience. Apart from that, she is confident that OraCare provides her real mouth clean despite its water-like taste. It is because OraCare's active ingredient, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, effectively kills bad bacteria and neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds - the main culprit behind strong mouth odors - giving her the real mouth clean she needs everyday.
Product Shot
Directions for use: After brushing, gargle 15mL of OraCare for 60 seconds. No need to dilute with water and rinse off with water.
Here are more photos from the "It's Real Good For Me" campaign launch held last April 17, 2015 at the 55 Events Place, Tomas Morato.
Photo 9
OraCare Brand Manager Guia Talag and Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo during the launch of the brand's newest campaign "It's Real Good For Me"
Photo 10
Senior Brand Manager Cathy Reyes, OraCare Brand Manager Guia Talag, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo, and PascualLab's Marketing Manager Riza Sacay
Photo 12
OraCare Mouthrinse is awarded a Guinness World Record for Most Number of People Simultaneously Gargling with Mouthwash after beating Ontario, Canada's former record (with History Channel's representative Jacquem Ruby)

To know more about OraCare's "It's Real Good For Me" campaign, go to www.oracare.com.ph. You can also follow OraCare on Facebook and @OraCarePH on Instagram!


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