Me and my older brother were way past our gaming phase (or is he?). He was the one who introduced me to that online bait of a game Ragnarok which I took, hook line and sinker. It was how we bonded then. At the sewers of Prontera Culvert. Hunting for the Golden Thief Bug card. With him, playing the awesome assassin, and me, the wimpy Priest. I got played! And well, too.

Fast forward to five years later, my brother introduced me to the art of drinking beer with food (those years in between were spent drinking beer just for the sake of drinking beer, without art). It was also his way of us two reconnecting with our dad whom we lost when I was just five. Our dad was a healthy beer-drinker, by the way. He preferred the San Miguel Beer brand, of course.

Drinking beer became like a regular tribute of some sort to our dad that's why as much as possible, me and my brother go out on weekends to drink, outside the comfort of our home. It's also our way of bonding as mature people. Our dad would've been proud.
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We're over frequenting bars and any nighttime setups to drink beer, by the way. These days, we prefer somewhere with enough natural lighting (I like to take good photos, too), chill setup, and good food to enjoy with our beer. Apart from ourselves, we also like good company. Not that we need to chat with those people but it's nice to be under the same mini-atmosphere of individuals who prefer the same things as you do. The Esquire Weekend Cookout which was held last April 18 at the Power Plant Mall was exactly what we were looking for.

Chill. Good company. Good food.

And most importantly, good beer!

Specifically, San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.

This is my default brew, Cerveza Negra.

My brother's a fan of San Miguel Super Dry.
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And that's how we start our bonding session. With beer on our hands. Scouting the place. Looking for food. Which led us here.

All carnivores didn't miss 8Cuts that day.

Not that we're demanding people, but we (particularly me) like our bonding to be as consistent as what we were feeling at the moment. If it's a chill place we're looking for, then the experience should be chill as well. No more thinking, just drinking, please.

Good thing San Miguel Lifestyle Brews and 8Cuts came up with a menu perfect for all three brews. Would you believe me if I tell you that every piece of food item on this plate has a perfect San Miguel Lifestyle brew to go with it?
ecw 018

Yes! Allow me to educate you...

The meats aka the good and oily stuff is perfect with San Miguel Super Dry.
8Cuts Cheeseburger No.3 Sliders pair excellently with the clean, crisp, hoppy flavors of San Miguel Super Dry
For vegetables and lightly-seasoned food, San Miguel Premium All Malt.
Mashed Potatoes (and fries) go perfectly with the smooth and sweetish San Miguel Premium All Malt
And finally, Cerveza Negra's bold flavor complements anything sweet. The Creamed Corn pairing came out as a surprise, actually.
Creamed Corn is a sweet and savory side that complements the bold flavor of Cerveza Negra
For an overall good experience, good music is ideal, too.

There you go. I hope this will serve as a good beer and food-pairing guide the next time you go out on a weekend happening like this one.

I can't wait to share with you my next beer-drinking/food-pairing/bonding session with my brother. Where to next? Hmm...

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