And I'm happy about it. Obviously.
Photo from Ed Uy of www.whereiseduy.com
There are two hotels I frequent every time I visit Boracay. They're both located at Station 2 and somehow, near each other. Well technically, everything is near in Boracay if we are talking about the distances of the 3 stations to each other.

Now I prefer the other hotel if I'm with a small group of 2 - 3. But for big groups like families, Azalea Boracay is the perfect choice! For sure, there's one or two in your family or group of friends who know how to cook because that will help you save a lot. Let's start with that.

There are a lot of restaurants near Azalea Boracay where you can dine at. There's even a Kuya J inside it if you're craving for a Crispy Pata, among other things. But one of the best things for me about the hotel is it's just a 5-minute walk from D'Talipapa where you can buy fresh seafoods and have it cooked at a reasonable price. But if you prefer to save that extra dough from the "paluto" for your late night drinking (I'm not endorsing this) or water activities, then just buy the ingredients and cook it with your group at your suite in Azalea. Your apartment suite comes with a complete set of cookware and dining set so you're pretty much covered.

Sounds good?

This is actually my third stay at Azalea Boracay as of this writing. This time, I'm not with my usual group of online friends. But still, it was fun to have spent my stay with them which gave me the opportunity to get to know them a little better beyond our likes and comments on social media.
I brought my Cabin Zero backpack for this trip.
We were all divided and assigned into three apartment suites. I was with John and Rain. They were too considerate to give me the other room (yes, there were as many as 2 - 3 rooms per suite in Azalea) all to myself because I needed to rest well. Same as my last visit, I wasn't feeling good again on this particular trip to Boracay.

Check this LINK for a tour of Azalea Boracay and all its apartment suites and amenities.

On top of its facilities and services, Azalea Boracay also has a Travel and Vacation Concierge from which you can request an arranged tour.

We got to experience these on our second day:

From the usual island hopping which includes snorkeling aka "the quest to find Nemo",

to going on a cave adventure at Crystal Cove,

to a lunch break at Tambisaan beach,

to just simply enjoying the Puka beach.
Photos from www.kumagcow.com

The best part for me about this trip, aside from staying at Azalea Boracay once again, is I got to spend it with these people. Special thanks to John for letting me bully him and not retaliating,
Look! It's the NIVEA sunblock mascot! Peace, John.:)
to everyone but most especially to Jeman, Ed, Lou, and Rain for checking up on me if I'm ok every now and then, to Laila for letting me get to know you other than your PR persona, to Ria for being encouraging with your game for everything spirit (and for also being bibo on documenting and the live online updates), to Martin and Erica for never getting tired of returning my smiles with theirs, and most especially to Jeman (again) for organizing everything and considering me for this trip. Special thanks to sir Adrian Ramirez of Azalea for being a cool and generous host.

Really, my stay at this holiday haven won't be complete without you guys. Thank you! Until our next trip!

Planning a trip to Boracay for the first time? Want to know how to get to Azalea Boracay? Read HERE.

Azalea Hotels & Residences Boracay is located at Station 2. For reservations, call +63 917 861 1641 / +61 917 861 1138 /+63 919 9944 140 / Mobile Landline: +63 2 450 1151 / Boracay Landline: +63 36 288 1144 or email reservations@azalea.com.ph.

For more information about the hotel and its latest promos, visit www.azalea.com.ph.


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