I just recently got hooked in watching Youtube videos (I know, I'm late in the game) and my favorites would have to be those of foreigners trying out Filipino snacks and beverages for the first time. It made me realize that we, as a country, has so much to offer other than our beaches and hospitality. Nakaka-proud, I must say.

One local brand that I'm sure would be a big hit to those making the videos is the Locally Blended Juice Drinks. I mean, it has made quite the impression at the recently concluded 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit in Manila among our foreign guests how much more if these foreign Youtubers get to try it?
Locally Kits handed out to the media during the Asean Summit in Manila contain cool, quirky, and refreshing cans of awesomeness, thanks to Locally's proudly Filipino flavors.

Yes, Locally was in the right place at the right time as the go-to refreshment at one of the biggest regional gatherings of heads of state and international journalists, getting oohs and ahhs from foreign delegates because of its uniquely indigenous flavors. Here are five reasons why Asean participants were “star struck” with this proudly, “Locally” Filipino drink:

Unique and creative packaging. Made from uniquely indigenous and good ol’ native fruits, Locally is far from being your average juice drink, and Asean summit participants couldn’t have missed it—not with its bright-colored and creatively designed packaging and witty, informative labels that say everything you need to know about this quirky thirst-quencher. As eye candy, Locally pops out on grocery shelves and coolers and it stood out in cavernous venues such as the PICC and World Trade Center.
The Locally and NutriAsia team serves a unique and proudly Filipino refreshment to members of the local and international press during the Asean Summit in Manila last month.

Fun and unique flavors. Locally is not your usual  neighborhood refreshment. Made from locally grown indigenous fruits, it gave Asean participants a taste of homegrown flavors like Tamarind My Bell (tamarind), Pomelong & Lasting Love (pomelo), Save the Best for Siniguelast (siniguelas), Calamansi’z the Day (calamansi), Guyabano-body But You (guyabano), Mangosteenie Minie Mo (mangosteen), and You’ve Dalandan It Again (dalandan).
Members of the International press pose for a group photo as they happily receive their cans of Locally Blended Juice Drinks and Merci Buco coconut water during the Asean Summit in Manila last month.

Organically grown fruits. The Asean Summit gave Filipinos a chance to showcase their ingenuity, and Locally stepped up to the plate. All fruits that go into the making of Locally Blended Juice Drinks are organically grown in Philippine soil. They are freshly sourced from different parts of the country, namely: tamarind from Batangas, Pangasinan, and Bulacan; calamansi from Isabela, Tarlac, and Nueva Ecija; dalandan from Laguna and Mindoro; guyabano from Cebu and Misamis Occidental; pomelo from Davao; and siniguelas from the Negros provinces.
Local fruits squeezed to produce Locally Blended Juice Drink's uniquely Filipino flavors are freshly sourced from different parts of the country.

Ecofriendly cans and bottles: Love for country, love for nature. Apart from being all-natural, Locally Blended Juice Drinks are also environment friendly by using eco-friendly glass bottles and recyclable cans. The aesthetic bottles can even be repurposed as home ornaments, thrift bottle, pen holder, or decorative lamp. Just chug-a-lug, remove the label, clean the bottle, and start decorating!
Locally welcomes Asean delegates and members of the media with unique and refreshing thirst-quenchers during the Asean Summit in Manila last month.

All-natural. Locally Blended Juice Drinks are made from natural fruit puree, not from concentrate. Asean delegates were specially hooked on Locally Merci Buco, the first eco-certified and purely organic coconut water in the Philippines. They couldn’t have enough of it as they savored its healthy goodness with every sip.
Locally treats Asean delegates and members of the international press with special Locally Kits containing cool and quirky cans of uniquely Filipino juice drinks.
Locally is the first quirky Filipino juice line that uses homegrown fruits that suit the unique and fun characters of Filipinos. Locally products are available in 7-Eleven stores, PureGold, Robinsons, Rustan’s, and WalterMart supermarkets nationwide. For inquiries and more information, visit the official Locally Facebook and Instagram pages at www.facebook.com/LocallyPH and www.instagram.com/locally_ph or email locally.ph@nutriasia.com.


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