So Tracy (@tracyayson) and I had a talk during a campaign launch at SM Dasmarinas last month and it was only two days before the actual talk that we planned to meet up to work on our slides. You can tell that this is the kind of students we were back in collge, we love to cram!

Our original plan was to work at a coffee shop in Shangri-La Plaza but Tracy decided, at the last minute, to meet in Katipunan instead. It was very timely because a friend of a friend (Hey, Chard!) contacted me a couple of weeks earlier and invited me to visit Brown's Gourmet along Katipunan. Aside from cramming, I also love multi-tasking.

It was a Friday and considering the traffic, I set the time for our meeting at 3pm since I'll be coming from an 11am appointment in Makati. Surprisingly, getting to Katipunan was not that hard and I managed to arrive a couple of hours ahead of schedule.

The place was packed when I got there a little past 1:00pm! So I decided to kill time and work at the coffee shop at the ground floor of the building where Brown's Gourmet is located while waiting for Tracy. After a couple of hours, the place finally cleared. 3:00pm was not a bad idea for us to visit (but believe me, when the clock hit 4:00, people started to fill the place again).
This was not the scene when I got there during lunchtime.
So while waiting for Tracy, I got the chance to chat with the new owner of the restaurant. Her name's Red. By this time, it is safe to conclude that Tracy and I had a colorful afternoon.:)

It could've been changed to Red's Gourmet but good thing the new management decided to keep the original name because after all, it has established quite a good number of patrons already. Plus, they're on Grab, Waze, etc... That's important.

So why Brown's Gourmet? Ever read a recipe on anything fried? You know it's almost time to eat when you reach the words "golden" and "brown" in the directions. And of course, when you think of fried food, you know it's good.

For starters, we had this:
Chicken + Mushroom + Spinach Croquettes, Php 120
Everything we ordered are their best-sellers and yes, you'll find the color brown in each of the plate. I made sure of that just because.

Now for our entrees, I got this for myself...
Chicken Cordon Brown, Php 220 - Breast Fillet, Spinach, Cheese, White Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potato, Salad
...and this is Tracy's. Both sets had generous servings of chicken!
Perfect Plate, Php 250 - 1/4 Chicken, Choice of Pasta, Choice of Salad
And finally for dessert, this show-off of a turon.
Ube & Langka Turon + Dulce De Leche, Php160
Call me biased because I love jackfruit (ako lang ba?) but this stuff is so good!

Aside from the food, Tracy and I also liked the crowd Brown's Gourmet attracts. We felt like we're back in college. Lakas maka-bata!

If you're going with a group, they also offer a Whole Chicken set meal that comes with 4 rice and 4 sides for only Php 640. Talk about a good deal! I'll definitely be back.

Brown's Gourmet is located at 2/F Regis Center Bldg., Katipunan Ave., Quezon City and is open everyday from 10am - 10pm. For more information, check out @BrownsGourmet on social media.


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